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Iontophoresis is a physical modality that uses a small electric current to push medications through the skin to the underlying tissue.  Typically, corticosteroids are used with the intended goal of reducing pain and inflammation.  Only the ions of the medication are delivered subcutaneously through the pores in the skin and treatment regimens can vary depending on whether  a self contained patch with onboard battery is used (2.5-14 Hour treatments) or a iontophoresis unit which is separate from the electrodes is used (box & wires which can require 20-30 minutes on average to complete the treatment).  The self contained patches have become very popular because they deliver a long slow dosage of medication throughout several hours and there is virtually no electrical sensation or reddening of the skin post treatment.  Many clinics use the original box and wires because they want the treatment done in clinic and treatments done with this delivery system are much quicker.  Box and wire treatments will typically leave the patient with minor redness or irritation under the treatment electrode and the electrical current is noticeable during the treatment which some patients may find unpleasant. 
Activapatch makes 3 different self contained iontophoresis patches; Activaptch 12.0 (12 hour), Activapatch 4.0 (4 hour) and Intellidose 2.5 (2.5 hour).  These 3 products provide a great range of options for the clinicians who choose to use the self contained patch.  An additional benefit is that with Activapatch, hydrating the non treatment side of the electrode is not necessary with their proprietary hydrogel dispersive technology.  For those who prefer to use the in-clinic box and wires delivery system the Activadose provides a microprocessor controlled delivery unit that makes treatment set-up quick and easy.  Privation electrodes are the perfect companion to the Activadose controller.  They come in 4 convenient sizes: small, medium, large & butterfly and are all buffered to reduce skin irritation or adverse skin reactions.

Iontophoresis Therapy Products

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