Hivamat Deep Oscillation

Hivamat Deep Oscillation stands as a unique and patented non-invasive therapy method designed to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation. This proven therapy harnesses the power of electrostatic attraction and friction to create gentle biological oscillations. These oscillations work their magic deep within damaged tissues, delivering relief from pain, muscle relaxation, activation of connective tissues, improved lymphatic circulation, reduced secondary lymphedema, and enhanced mobility following various types of muscular micro traumas.

What sets Hivamat Deep Oscillation apart is its ability to reach a remarkable depth of 8 cm, penetrating through the layers of skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat tissue, muscles, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels. This comprehensive approach has been clinically proven to yield a range of beneficial effects, making Hivamat Deep Oscillation a powerful and effective therapy for rehabilitation.

HIVAMAT 200 Portable

HIVAMAT 200 PORTABLE-Oscillation Therapy Unit

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Hivamat Evident Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

Hivamat Evident Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

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