For over seven decades, Richmar has been at the forefront of providing clinicians with cutting-edge tools to effectively address musculoskeletal and soft tissue inflammation. Richmar's commitment to innovation and excellence has led to an award-winning product lineup, featuring the most trusted modalities in the field of physical rehabilitation.

Richmar's comprehensive product range encompasses top-quality medical devices designed specifically for physical therapy, as well as essential medical accessories and pharmaceutical products. The team at Richmar composed of dedicated engineers continues to pioneer new technologies to meet the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare system. Explore their extensive selection, including Richmar Ultrasound Devices, Electrotherapy Devices, and Stem Units, and discover the difference that Richmar Clinical Electrotherapy Equipment can make in optimizing your clinical care.

THERADOT® Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

THERADOT® Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

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