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Fluid Power Zone


FluidPowerCUBE is an industrial quality, ground-based, adjustable Fluid Resistance functional concentric training platform.

The concentric only resistance of the CUBE is delivered by our patented 10x Adjustable Fluid Resistance Twin Tank system. The semi isokinetic nature of the Fluid Resistance allows for powerful explosive movements without generating momentum. You control the resistance, you control the speed and you control the range of motion to allow you to safely train in any zone; Cardio, Power, Strength or Speed.

The CUBE is designed to support complex lifting routines without the force of accelerated weight on the way back down, providing a suitable workout platform for sports or rehabilitation applications. The CUBE offers all the benefits of Olympic Bar and Kettlebell training without the associated risks of decelerating or lowering the weights.

As with all FluidPowerZone machines, the CUBE incorporates our patented Twin Tank and expands on that with 3 separate resistance attachment options, offering concentric loads at 50%, 100% and 200% of the tank settings. The biggest and strongest muscles across the posterior chain are challenged at the high load setting (200%) and complex light resistance movements are ideally accommodated for at the lower load setting (50%). The range of options allows you to train at the correct load and at high volumes, all without overloading.

The CUBE includes an attachment accessory pack consisting of Squat Belt, Single Handle Strap, Ankle Strap and swivel Straight Bar, all stored on the inbuilt accessory rack. See the glossary of main exercises below.

The FluidPowerCUBE is a perfect inclusion for any type of fitness facility, it can open up a range of exercise options once only available to a skilled athlete. The CUBE will add variety to all types of training and can be combined with other FluidPowerZone machines to create unique training circuits or used as a stand alone, ground based functional trainer.

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