Dynamic Tape  Eco Tape 3" x 16.4'   Black, Grey Print (4 Rolls)

Dynamic Tape Eco Tape 3" x 16.4' Black, Grey Print (4 Rolls)

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Helping people, helping the planet. Dynamic Tape® is specially designed, highly elastic tape (over 200%) and is completely different from rigid sports tapes and kinesiology tapes.  Its unique properties and four way stretch allow for truly biomechanical approach to taping, something that integrates well with a clinician’s clinical reasoning process. Dynamic Tape® Eco hits a much higher resistance much sooner in its stretch cycle which makes it ideal for support when there is little movement occurring to create stretch and tension. Made from recycled plastic bottles using Patent Pending technology. These unique properties create a higher modulus of elasticity meaning that the tape creates stronger resistance much sooner in range making it ideal for a variety of taping applications. Originally developed for athletes, sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, it is increasingly becoming an essential tool for therapists of all disciplines proving popular with neurological, pediatric and hand therapists. The tape is applied in a way that allows the elastic energy to decelerate motion and absorb load (eccentric), store energy once deceleration is complete and then re-inject it back into the system as shortening commences (concentric) in much the same way as a bungee cord.  In this way it can assist weak, injured or overloaded muscles or can be used to modify movement patterns to indirectly reduce loading or improve technique. Available in two width: 2" (5cm) and 3" (7.5cm). Color: Black/Grey. 16.4" (5m) in length. Box of 6 rolls with display.

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