Dema Grip   Compression Stockinette  Gentle-Natural

Dema Grip Compression Stockinette Gentle-Natural

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Latex-free tubular bandage compression stockinette with light compression. Specially knitted tubular bandage designed to provide approximately half the amount of pressure of Regular Dema® Grip Compression Stockinette. Natural in color and made of blended cotton and Spandex. Can be used single layered or doubled over on itself, with a 4/5" to 1-1/5" (2 to 3cm) exterior layer edge overlap, like Tubigrip®. Used to provide circumferential tissue support for treating strains, sprains, general edema, and post-burn scarring. Can be used over wounds to secure bandages, or under orthoses for added protection, compression or padding. Each roll measures 33' (10m). Sizes are based on the width of the flat bandage. Washable. Not made with natural rubber latex. Calculate using the flat width to estimate the size needed: Measure circumference of the area needing compression. Divide measurement by 3. Select the size closest to the measurement.

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