Comfort Trac Cervical Traction Device (Rx Required For Home Use)

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Cervical home traction unit to provide maximum comfort.

  • Innovative design makes it possible for patients to go home with the same quality traction they receive during physical therapy.
  • Fully adjustable angle of incline without the need to order extra parts.
  • Patented hand pump makes it easy to increase or decrease traction force.
  • Hand pump displays both pounds and kilograms.
  • Quick release button to release the traction force.
  • Independently adjustable neck wedges provide a custom fit.
  • Memory pillow conforms comfortably to the head.
  • Maximum force: 50lbs (23kg).
  • Angles of incline: 10, 15, and 20 degrees. 
  • Professionals Only or Rx required for individuals

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