RAD Roller, Soft

RAD Roller, Soft

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Dominates knots and liberates tight spots. Ideal for massaging calves, hip joints, IT bands, glutes, arms, feet, under the shoulder and deep tissue in the neck and back. Designed to create functional point release all along the spine without putting painful pressure on the spine itself. This innovative tool can roll lengthwise and across every muscle group in the body. Breaks through restrictions in three dimensions as it goes. Original Rad Roller's texture is soft enough to use on more sensitive areas like the neck, yet hard enough to unlock tougher muscles in the back, legs, and everywhere else. Weighs 13 ounces. Comes in blue. Rad Roller Soft offers a more gentle touch, making it perfect for newbies. Slightly cushier texture makes it ideal for massaging for the neck, scalp, and more delicate areas of the body. Weighs 13 ounces. Comes in green. Rad Roller Stiff has a harder texture and bends less in the middle. Turn it sideways to work areas like the pectorals and inner leg. Ideal for athletes and others looking for a little more intensity. Weighs 14 ounces. Comes in black. Rad Roller XL is 30% bigger to accommodate larger athletes and to provide a stable base for the lumbar spring. Weighs 17 ounces. Comes in blue. All rollers are made of silicone. Not made with natural rubber latex.

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