RAD All In Kit

RAD All In Kit

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Power packed kits serve up the best match ups you can buy. Kit includes the following RAD products: RAD Roller is designed to create a functional point release all along your spine without putting painful pressure on the spine itself. Ideal for massaging calves, hip joints, IT bands, glutes, arms, feet, under the shoulder and deep tissue in the neck and back. RAD Rounds are small and compact pressure-seeking balls designed to bust up tension. Contains a set of 3 balls, each with a different density. Includes sizes: small, medium, and large. RAD Rod is ideal for massaging hamstrings, quads, calves, back and IT bands. Stainless steel core control at every level of intensity. RAD Helix flushes out toxins and enhances the back's range of motion with its anatomical shape that's designed to protect the spine. Its two cone shaped ends provides release in two different planes; extending and opening the spine, while the ridges offer waves pressure to flush waste materials out of your muscles. RAD Block raises the height of your RAD Roller and RAD Rounds for better leverage in hard to reach places. Stabilizes your tools so you can isolate pressure with no rolling. Has handy storage slots for easy travel. 

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